Professional Identity

Organize your paper into the following topic areas:

Specialization within the field of counseling: State your specialization (school counseling) and explain how your role differs from counselors in other specializations. Take time to define, as specifically as possible, the areas in which you would like to focus your practice (high school students).
Counseling philosophy: As a counselor-in-training, describe how you integrate the concepts of wellness, resilience, and prevention into your approach in your identified specialization. Dig deeper, and explain the assumptions you are making that help you see a connection between counseling theory and your practice.
Licensing and certification: Describe what you have learned about state licensure (New Jersey) and certification requirements for your specialization and explain how your coursework plan aligns with these requirements. Identify any areas in which you have found a state requirement that you are not certain will be met by your coursework, and describe how you will take action to resolve this uncertainty.
Ongoing professional development: Compare and contrast two professional counseling associations. Assess how these organizations can help you conceptualize your professional identity and assist you in continuing professional development. Be specific about your areas of interest, and provide examples of ways in which these associations can assist you.
Impact of technology: Evaluate how technology might affect your clinical specialization, including assisting you in creating more efficient formats to help your clients as well as raising ethical questions for you. As in other areas of the paper, provide specific examples.
Reflection on your interview and u02a1: Review the interview you conducted and your Preliminary Conceptualization of the Counseling Field assignment. How have your impressions of the field changed over the course? Explore specific concepts, terms, or areas of professional disposition that you have gained insight in.
In each case, support your ideas with evidence from professional literature, including the assigned articles and those you found related to professional identity, key philosophies, and technology within counseling. Include what you learned from your Internet research on state licensure or certification requirements.

Given the personal focus of this paper, it is appropriate to write in the first person (using the words I, me, and my, for example).

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