Production Of Pfizer

● Use either EDGAR or a company’s website to locate their annual report. Provide the reference in APA to the annual report.
● Discuss a few highlights of their financial statements, including the definition of the line items you are highlighting and what it tells you about the company.
In response to your peers, explain if you would or would not invest in the company.

I chose Pfizer, with all the conspiracy out there I was curious to see how Covid 19 fared with the spread of Covid and the vaccine they put out. I, personally, had never heard of Pfizer prior to hearing about the vaccine. I knew nothing of the company and when trying to think of what company I might have the slightest bit of interest in this one came up. I want to start off by saying, I am not an anti-vaccer however, since I am being asked to delve into financial reports with all the conspiracy theories out there this one came to mind.

Pfizer was founded by 2 cousins who came over from Germany and opened up shop in Manhattan. It was pretty interesting learning that this company has been around and making medicine since the 1800’s. The civil war helped the company grow as more drugs were needed to be produced during that time and additionally “fuelling brands like Coca Cola and Dr Pepper’s expansion in the 1880s. This became their mainstay for many years, laying the basis for their continued growth” (The History of Pfizer, 2020).

The company today is most known for the Pfizer Covid vaccine equally to the others out there. Pfizer getting the most recognition. I was curious to see how big of a growth they actually had. They do have competition and the mandatory vaccinations only started a couple of months ago.
Upon learning about the Overall results I was slightly disappointed, however, I realized the vaccine was barely out until late 2020 and was limited in how many were produced and who get it. That being said I still looked at the total revenue for the years 2018-2020. Here are the results. The following results are from Pfizers quarterly reports from their website.

The total revenue for the years 2018-2020 were as follows:
2018- $40,825
2019- $41,172
2020- $41,908

I then broke down the 1st and 2nd quarters adding 2021 and here are those figures:
2018- Q1- 12906 Q2 -13466
2019- Q1- 13118 Q2- 13264
2020- Q1- 12028 Q2- 11801
2021- Q1- 14582 Q2- 18977

The numbers for 2021 are where I expected they would be in terms of revenue since producing the vaccine. The one thing that came up is that although their revenue is doing great once everyone is vaccinated this spike will not last. They will quickly go back to more normal numbers. This mass production is short lived.

Reading up about Pfizer was similar to reading about a Dr. or nurse who just saved someone’s life and they have been doing this for years. The pride this company has is worth reading and has changed my view of the company. Not that I had a bad view but with social media and my lack of knowledge I am glad I did this paper on them.

Their motto is “Science will win” (Commitment to Global Health, 2021). Which proves a worthy statement since they have been making vaccines since the early 1900’s. “In the early 1900s the Company was involved in the commercial production of a smallpox vaccine. Later, the Company was the first to develop a heat-stable, freeze-dried smallpox vaccine as well as the bifurcated needle, which ultimately helped lead to the worldwide eradication of smallpox”(A Legacy of Achievement at preventing Disease, n.d.). They went on to do many other things throughout the world through medications and vaccines. They are very proud of their legacy as they should be.

The company has made investments and mergers over the years and seems to be a steady company. They have many other new areas that they are getting into in the line of medications that they are already seeing positive prospects. Aside from the Covid vaccine had I learned of them sooner and was asked to invest I would have absolutely invested in Pfizer for their sustainability, the way they have helped 3rd world countries and still manage to be a business that is constantly looking for how to help save lives.
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