Process of Evolution

Question 1

Is Evolution True?5 page Critique and personal Essay on Coyne text “Why Evolution Is True”, APA style required):

20%This essay should allow the students to reflect upon each of the themes in the chaptersin Coynes’ book. It should include their reflections on their growing understanding of what Evolution is and what it isn’t. It should include their personal journey of discovery related to the concept of evolution.It should also include philosophical, theological,and sociological reflections as well as demonstrating a scientific understanding of evolution. Additionally,the student should critique and evaluate the ideas presented in the book,using their scientific understanding of the process of evolution.

Question 2

Each question is to be answered by a minimum 300-word response, with the total quiz length of no less than 600 words

1.)Define iatrogenesis and explain the fundamental difference betweeniatrogenesis and simple medical error. Is all iatrogenesis caused by medical error?

2.)Please give a brief definition and explanation of each of the following tools used to combat medical errors:

(1) Redundancy,

(2) “Forcing functions,”


(3) Standardization.

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