Process Description

Consider the field of study you are in, and think about interacting with other people when you are working in your field—ask yourself what PROCESS you might have to DESCRIBE to the person or persons you are thinking about.
NOTE: Do NOT write a set of instructions—write a descriptive process paragraph, one that explains the main steps in some process, but that is NOT a set of instructions to the person or persons you are thinking of.
For instance, consider a emergency rescue technician who is on the scene of a car accident with a conscious injury victim, but the victim is trapped in the car. In order to extricate the victim, the “jaws of life” will be used. How would the rescuer describe the process to the conscious victim? Turn that description into a process description paragraph.
Regardless of the topic you choose, the basics are the same:
• Start with a topic sentence that clearly identifies the topic of the paragraph AND provides a general idea/thought about the topic
• Develop the general idea with the main points/steps in the process
• Give each main point at least one supporting detail, an example or an explanation or a definition or so on
• End with a brief conclusion — wrap up WITHOUT adding any new main points or supporting details
The paragraph MUST reflect the commonly accepted rules of English grammar and punctuation.
The question of length
The paragraph needs to be long enough to meet the requirements listed above.
Part of this task is to choose a topic that can be handled reasonably in a single paragraph. Exercise your judgement, and choose a workable topic that can be handled reasonably in a single paragraph

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