Process Analysis Essay

Directions: Write a 2 page essay in response to one of the prompts below

1) Write a process analysis essay on how the perpetrator of the group you studied dehumanized them. Think about the order in which the perpetrator went about dehumanizing your group.
*Sample Thesis: Women are being dehumanized in Afghanistan by being denied an education, which oppresses them in their culture and makes them dependent on men.*
2) Write a process analysis essay sharing with the reader how to help the group you studied. How can your audience help bring awareness to the human rights violation? This may look like tips.
*Sample Thesis: It is important to understand women are being dehumanized in Afghanistan by being denied an education and that you can help to spread awareness in hopes that one day women will have access to school.*
Be sure to…

• Include an introduction on the group you studied and background information for the reader.
• Convey and maintain a clear focus and purpose, which should be clearly stated in your thesis.
• Write for your intended audience.
• Cite strong textual evidence and provide a thorough analysis to support your purpose.
• Organize your writing into appropriate paragraphs and use transitions.
• Include a conclusion that shares the end result with the reader.
• Format your paper correctly and provide proper MLA in-text citations, when necessary.

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