Problem-Solution Essay

ASSIGNMENT:   Write a 1250-1500 word essay that defines a problem and proposes a solution.  You need to incorporate at least 4 sources into your essay and include a References page in APA format.   You also need to include a title page and use APA headers and page numbering throughout.  The References page and title page do not count toward the 1250-1500 word count.

Your essay should first define and explain the problem you’ve chosen, using strong facts and statistics from reliable sources to show why this issue is a true and serious problem.  It should then discuss and evaluate several possible solutions while including strong supporting facts, expert opinions and statistics.  Finally, your essay should make a strong conclusion and propose what you find to be the best solution, which could be one of or a combination of the solutions you discuss.  Your thesis statement (near the beginning of your paper) should include both the problem and the solution.

Your statement of the problem should be no longer than 2 pages.  The following 3-4 pages should focus on possible solutions, concluding with your recommendation/evaluation of what the best solution(s) are.  You must use sources from at least 2 different PSU library databases.

Problem/Solution Essay Rubric

Introduction is engaging                                                                                                                                 _____ /10
Contains a clear thesis statement that suggests a solution                                                        _____ /10

Gives clear reasons the issue is a problem and gives persuasive support                               _____ /20

Thoughtfully discusses possible solutions with persuasive support                                         _____/35

Correctly cites sources and follows APA format (including title page and headers)               _____ /20

Leaves the reader with a clear, final thought that answers “So what?”                                  _____/10

Organization is effective and transitions               are clear                                                                       _____ /5

Uses appropriate grammar and complex, varied language                                                          _____ /10

Total =  _______/120

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