Probability Game

You will design your own game, which should be a game that could be played at a carnival, amusement park, or casino. You are encouraged to create a game that either doesn’t already exist or exists but you add your own twist to the game. It cannot be an exact duplicate of an already existing game. The game does not have to be fair. You will be expected to explain the probability of your game.
You will submit a 1-2 page report that includes the following:
● Introduction – Provide an overview of the game; what type of game is it? Where would this game be played?
● Instructions – Step-by-Step instructions for how to play the game.
● Game Description – What is needed to play the game? List all materials needed (dice, spinner, balls, etc). How many participants are needed to play, and is there a limit?
● Probability Analysis – What is the theoretical probability of the game? (Include all outcomes). Is the game fair? If the game is not fair, how could the game be changed to make it so?
● Individual Reflection

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