Privilege and Disadvantage Of Social Dimensions

• Provide a list of the different kinds of privileges you experience based on any of the following social dimensions: race, gender, religion, social class, sexual orientation, and disability.
• If you are not privileged in any of these ways, use a friend or relative who has privilege in one of these categories.
Once you have completed your list, provide your answers to the following questions (in 1 paragraph per question or approximately 500 words total).

  1. How do your privileges (or lack of privileges) affect your life, your ability to achieve your goals and success?
  2. Which of the privileges from your list do you believe are unavailable to some people because they belong to a particular group? List the group(s). Why do you think it is that they are unavailable?
  3. What privileges are unavailable to you that other people from certain groups enjoy? List each privilege and the group “you believe” has access to it.

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