Principles Of Evaluating


From the exercises in Chapter 9, Part II, do numbers 2, 3, 8, and 11.

  • Regarding problems 2, 3, and 8, do the following:
    • Indicate whether the additional factor would strengthen, weaken, or have no effect on the argument.
    • Justify your answer using one or more of the principles for evaluating analogies (on pages 525-526 of the textbook)
    • Example of a complete answer: (a) Strengthens; Added a relevant similarity
  • For #11, follow the specific directions given there, using the controlling cases as analogies to further each of the two arguments you need to write. Mention the appropriate controlling case(s) by name in each of your arguments (Lester v. City, Byron v. City, Stone v. City), and explain how it/they support each position. 
    • Each argument, the one supporting the position of the group and the one supporting the position of the police chief, needs to be at least a paragraph long, but no longer than two paragraphs per argument.

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