Principles of Anatomy Healing


The Response Paper Part 2 is based on the lectures, materials and assignments from weeks 4, 5, 6. It is required that you further reflect and contemplate the seven principles of anatomy of healing that we have explored and figure out how you can apply your newly gained knowledge in your life.

Prepare for your paper by following these steps and questions, as suggested in Dr. Poli’s book:

” Go back over the Seven Principles, dwell on each one of them and repeat them in your mind ..

1.     The human being is made of an indivisible unity of psyche and soma (psychosoma unit).

2.        The subconscious and the unconscious exist and guide the life much more than consciousness or the rational mind.

3.       Emotions are central to our survival and are the source of our psychophysical well-being and self-healing capabilities.

4.       Every aspect of life is interconnected by an “energy matrix” underlying matter, where the laws of space and time no longer exist.

5.      There are different levels of existence, and a complete healing occurs by reaching the higher level, the level of the soul.

6.       Today, there is the possibility of using an integrative medicine that, based on rigorous and scientifically validated studies, is going more and more in the direction of activating healing from within. 

7.       You can understand what happens in your psychosoma unit by putting it in correspondence with the level of existence from which it originates (emotions, neurotransmitters, cell functions, organ function, organ tissues…) in order to understand what intervention is preferable.

.. and listen to the echo that resonates within you.

     How do you feel?

     What is your inner dialogue saying?

     What is your inner judge saying when addressing your rational mind?

The echo you hear will reveal to you any self-limiting beliefs, which are a block to your self-healing power and ones you may wish to address.

      Spot those beliefs and see how for each one of them you have no real evidence that confirms them, only personal experiences that you have used as confirmations for the pattern you have built.  For others, you do not even have a real experience to prove them, only ideas transmitted by education, schooling and so on… 

      Take the decision, whether or not to continue this analysis and exercise your self-determination. “ 

Write your Paper describing the 7 principles in your own words, based on your understanding and answering these questions:

     which principle is clear to you and which is still mysterious? Write your questions.

     what did you learn about yourself after doing this exercise? 

     Are you now more equipped to continue self-analysis?

This Is information from week 4

The 7 Principles of the Anatomy of Healing:

Principles 1,2,3 .

It is a fact that cutting-edge medical science and research has provided us with new tools to explain reality and how humans function. Even if classical medicine and psychiatry have not yet fully accepted and integrated this new knowledge, the process of change is unstoppable. These discoveries have inexorably changed the beliefs of many doctors, scientists and health professionals, and have led to a new paradigm of medicine: The Integrated Medicine.

The new paradigm is the result of an integration of multiple therapeutic and cultural approaches, based on the discovery of the holistic functionality of the brain and how this is integrated with the functionality of the body and spirit.

Healing become a process that not only restores balance in physiological functionality but also increases the neuroplasticity of our brain; its ability of restructuring and reorganizing itself, that leads to neurostructural growth as challenges are being overcome.

Consequently, the new goal of Integrated Medicine becomes to activate self-healing mechanisms that are already part of the nature of the human being.

The study objective of Part 2 leads us to the learning outcomes: Understand and describe the 7 principles of anatomy of healing, and the new paradigm of integrative medicine.

In her book, Dr. Poli tells her story, describing the different treatments and healing programs that compose her method. She tells us how she discovered it and has put it together through years of practice that proved useful to her patients and herself. Her method is based on 7 principles, which are her convictions, developed along the way; as well as researches and field practices, believed to be reliable and effective in guiding healing processes.

This class will focus on the first, second, and third principles of the anatomy of healing:

1st Principle – Human being is a psychosomatic unit

2nd Principle – Subconscious and Unconscious guide our life much more than our Consciousness and our Rational Mind.

3rd Principle – Emotions are a bridge between mind and the body.

Lara Boyd | After watching this, your brain will not be the same | TEDxVancouverLinks to an external site. (Link will open in new tab.)

Matt Walker: How sleep affects your emotions (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.)

This is information for week 5

Principles 4th and 5th of Anatomy of Healing: The energetic and vibrational essence of life.

Scientists, at the beginning of the last century, discovered that the primary element of the Universe, appears to be a wave of infinite possibilities both intertwined and connected.

A long list of contributions, from the early days of Albert Einstein and later the largely influential David Bohm, discovered that, at the smallest subatomic layers, the fundamental essence of the material universe is pure non-material energy. At the infinitesimal level of matter, we have the Matrix: an information field, a kind of deeper intelligence, a consciousness of nature itself, acting beyond time and space.

In the long run, quantum physics discoveries shed light to the fundamental unity of reality, leading to the same conclusion of most of ancient spiritual traditions of the world. The basic oneness of the universe, according to F. Capra in his book “The Tao of Physics”, is “the main characteristic of the mystical, and one of the most important revelations of modern physics.”

A good example is the Ancient Indian Tradition described by Tagore in “Sadhana, The Realization of life” where the individual is viewed as a microcosm in dialogue with the macrocosm. He explains it very clearly saying “to find out the One is to possess the All; that there, indeed, is our last and highest privilege. It is based on the law of that unity which is, if we only know it, our abiding strength. Its living principle is the power that is in truth; the truth of that unity which comprehends multiplicity.”

In today’s world, quantum science has generated a process of transformation. On one hand, a major leap forward in technology that shapes our daily lives, on the other hand, it has influenced and changed the perspective of what is health and healing, opening the way to a new paradigm of Integrative Medicine.

The study objective of Part 2 in this class leads us to the learning outcomes:

  • Understand and describe the 7 principles of anatomy of healing, and the new paradigm of Integrative Medicine.
  • Understand and describe the vibrational essence of life and its relationship with the soul.

This class focuses on the fourth and fifth principles of the anatomy of healing stating:

4th Principle – life in us, and around us, has an energetic essence; a matrix underlying matter with inter-connectivity that happens beyond time and space through vibrations, which allow instantaneous transformation.

5th Principle – there are different layers of existence, healing happens when you reach the top level, the level of the soul.

We learn with Dr Poli that for more than 20 years cutting-edge medical science and research have been pursuing pioneering studies based on the revolutionary explanation of reality provided by quantum physics. She provides us, in depth, with many incredible scientific and medical discoveries that have been replicated and verified, yet they remain far from the general knowledge of scientific medicine because the dominant cultural perspective and mentality on health care does not yet allow their integration.

There are good reasons why we have to stay patient while keeping ourselves open to the change. Dr Poli explains it by saying “it is understandable that conventional medicine has not yet approached the quantum prospective. It is not possible, to date, to apply to the energetic field the paradigm of diagnosis, prognosis and therapy, predictability of therapeutic effects and so on. This does not mean that the energetic field does not exist nor that we will remain unable to interact with it. It does, however, assume your choice, your acceptance of responsibility and an active research and experience.” (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.) (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.)

This is information for week 6

Principles 6th and 7th of Anatomy of Healing: The Integrative Medicine Paradigm and its Handbook

With the emergence, about fifty years ago, of quantum physics as a new scientific model for understanding reality, a new scientific and cultural debate began. This created fertile ground for the development of new branches of science such Neuroscience and Epigenetics, which studies the effects on the DNA of our lifestyles and interaction with the environment.

The countless discoveries of Neuroscience have made it possible to develop quantum technology and medicine. But above all, these developments have stimulated a cultural shift and the creation of a new paradigm of medicine, which aims to treat the human being in its scientifically proven wholeness and intertwined relationship with its social and natural environments.

According to Dr. Poli, this new paradigm works by integrating all types of existing treatments, from ancient to contemporary modalities. These modalities approach and apply treatments at the highest level of personalization after an evaluation of life experience, constitution and soul of the patient.

This new approach involves a level of innovation that requires a new type of doctor and a new type of patient.

The study objective of Part 2 in this class leads us to the learning outcomes:

  • Understand and describe the 7 principles of anatomy of healing, and the new paradigm of Integrative Medicine.
  • Compare and contrast the differences between the traditional medicine of western and eastern cultures, and the opportunities and the challenges of their integration.

This class focuses on the sixth and seventh principles of the anatomy of healing, stating:

6th Principle – The new Integrative Medicine approach, based on scientific studies, is moving more and more in the direction of activating healing from within.

7th Principle – We can choose a cure after we understand what is happening in the psychosomatic unit. It is possible to understand it by placing the disease in correspondence with the level of existence from which it originates (emotions, neurotransmitters, cellular functions, organ functions, organic tissues).

With the discoveries of Neuroscience and Epigenetics, Dr. Poli’s finds validated the use of different medicines in an integrated way. She says that both alternative and conventional methodologies can be used together, and even combined with frequency-based quantum medicine.

As part of her method, Dr. Poli provides us with an important tool, a handbook, with which she guides us to identify the path from the symptom to the disease that can occur on different levels of the psychosoma (energetic, biochemical, cellular, functional) before expressing itself in an illness.

The handbook is based on the fundamental concept that disease is a process that does not start from the organs or the tissue or the cell, but rather starts from the levels that underlie all this, known as the biochemical and immune functions; These imbalances are in turn the expression of imbalances in emotional processes, which are energetic events.

With the help of this disease decoding guide, we gain an important awareness: knowing the symptom is originated in the energetic plane of existence in which the imbalance is in progress, we can better identify which are the most appropriate methods to cure and facilitate self -healing process.

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