Principles and Practices of Communication and Networks

Use at least three (3) quality academic resources to answer the following questions:
[1] “It should be noted that there are efforts in recent years to produce a new reference model for communications to keep pace with the world of Internet for everything. Furthermore, the blockchain is designed to be decentralised, and similar to the Internet, the distributed ledger has layers. It is these ‘layers’ that are defined by the interoperable open protocol where companies and individuals can build products and services. As a shared public ledger that maintains a record of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network, we can envisage a future where the blockchain will be used to record contracts, embedded in digital code, and stored in transparent databases, which are free from tampering or deletion. Such a future may even mean that intermediaries such as lawyers, bankers and brokers may no longer be necessary as the blockchain enables people and organizations’ to interact freely with one another with very little friction.”

a. Explain the Internet of Things and the edge computing Communication Model and its Layers. List and explain the similarities and differences between IoT & TCP/IP model & edge computing.
b. List and discuss six considerations for constructing distributed systems, whether its software, hardware, or both
c. Compare between the following:
[1] Systems Network Architecture (SNA) developed by IBM
[2] Distributed System Security Architecture (DSSA)
[3] OSI model

[2] Identify the weaknesses and strengths points of TCP and UDP protocol. ( minimum of 600 words)
[3] Review state-of-the art research related to SECURING TCP . Does such approaches operate at the transport layer or the application layer? Why? ( minimum of 700 words)

Submission Notes:

  1. Use scientific articles and avoid using Wikipedia and other Websites as it does not qualify as academic resources.
  2. Write in your own words and add examples, applications, or usage whenever appropriate.
  3. Outline a number of technical and business reasons to support and justify your answers.
  4. You answer should be a minimum of 5 pages.

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