Principled Negotiation

Question 1

What are the main features of principled negotiation? In the context of international business negotiation, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach? What are some considerations that might influence your strategy choice for an international negotiation?

Provide a thorough response in one or two paragraphs, using appropriate terminology from the chapter.

In response to your peers’ posts, recommend an alternative negotiation strategy to overcome the weaknesses of the principled negotiation strategy. Use at least one scholarly reference.

Question 2

  1. Identify the hypotheses described in the article
  2. What are some strengths of the hypotheses used in this study?
  3. What are some potential weaknesses of the hypotheses used in this study?
  4. What does the Babbie text say about hypotheses?

250 words minimum and references

[3.2] Conceptualization and Measurement Assignment

After reviewing Babbie (Chapter 5), please respond to the following:

  1. Identify, define and discuss three things that are measured by social researchers.
  2. Discuss the types of definitions that are used by social researchers, providing an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each type.
  3. Describe the process of conceptualization and provide an evaluation of its place in social research.

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