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As part of the course project over the next three weeks, you will be completing 3 standardized recipe template/costing sheets for the selected recipes from Week 1. In Week 4 you will complete one recipe conversion to 100 portions. Next to this assignment you will see a handout link to a Standardized Recipe Template/Costing Sheet to utilize for the recipe assignments. There is a link to a Food Purchasing Order Guide which has typical food items with purchase units and prices to assist you in costing out your recipes. The last handout link outlines the typical conversions utilized in a recipe.

There is a sample completed recipe and cost sheet next to the assignment as well to help guide you in completing the template. There are several steps for this assignment:

Step 1: Select Recipe

Select one of the recipes from W1 Assignment 2 to create a standardized recipe.

Step 2: Complete Standardized Recipe – using the template.

Complete the standardized recipe starting with changing the Business Concept Name. Be sure to review the sample completed recipe and cost sheet next to the assignment instructions to guide you. Make sure you include all of the information, especially the measurements and detailed instructions on how to prepare the recipe. If the original recipe lacks a measurement such as “to taste,” try to estimate it. Remember you should use the largest measurement for the ingredients. For example, 8 cups of flour should be 4 pounds; 8 cups of milk should be 2 quarts or ½ gallon; 8 Tablespoons should be ½ cup (see the Common Recipe Conversions).

Step 3: Complete the Costing Sheet for the Recipe – using the template.

In this step, you need to cost out the recipe on the Costing Sheet Worksheet next to the standardized recipe. Use the Food Purchasing Order Guide to calculate the cost of the recipe. If you have an ingredient that is not in the Food Purchasing Order Guide, you will need to find the information or estimate the purchase unit and price. The goal is to gain practice in costing a recipe so focus on costing the recipe item versus price accuracy. Include sources for all of the ingredients’ pricing information.

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