Prevention Intervention

  1. Select a single prevention intervention (primary, secondary, or tertiary) for your topic This should be based on one of the three interventions proposed in Assignment 3
  2. Answer the following questions in three pages.
  3. What is the topic you are focusing on? Why is this important
  4. What is your proposed intervention (primary, secondary, tertiary)? Explain what this intervention will entail.
  5. What population or community is targeted for this intervention? Why?
  6. What Health Behavior Model informs your recommended intervention?
  7. What health promotion does the intervention focus on? Explain your recommendation
  8. What model of health education and promotion does the intervention operate under? Explain
  9. What is the intended impact on the targeted community or population?
    Formatting Guidlines:
    • Title page
    • 3 pages of written content.
    • 12-font, double-spaced
    • All writing must be original. Do not use quotes.
    • Summarize full sentences and paragraphs.
    • Use in-text citations.
    • Use APA guidelines.

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