Prescription Drug Cost

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My team (C) selected the problem related to the increase in drug costs in the United States compared to other nations. The high cost of medication is one of the factors that influences the high costs of managing chronic diseases. According to a study carried out by (Cohen and Villarroel, 2015), 7.8% of adults in the United States did not take their medication according to the medical order, 15.1% asked their doctor for a low-cost medication, 1.6% bought medications in another country and 4.2% used alternative therapies. Other strategies used to save costs were to reduce the dose and frequency of the medication. The main risk factors for not taking prescription drugs are the lack of health insurance and poverty due to costs. This leads to a worse state of health, a poor quality of life, reduced productivity, increased complications, higher use of emergency rooms, hospitalizations and mortality, which makes the impact of the high costs of medications even more worrisome. According to (Beaugureau, 2017) in 2015, Americans spent 1,200 per capita on prescription drugs, the highest rate in the world. For example, the medicine Humira which is used for the Crohn in the United States costs 2,699 dollars for 28 days while in Switzerland $ 822 and in the United Kingdom $ 1,362. With all the above is important, address this issue to bring about changes by reducing the cost of medicines compared to other nations, which would improve the results of care.


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