Pregnancy and Birth

STEP 1: Find a TED Talk (Links to an external site.)related to prenatal development, or pick one of those listed below. Watch one of the talks that interests you, as long as it is a minimum of 8 minutes in length and relevant to the course. At the top of your response, include the title of the TED Talk, the name of the presenter, when it was filmed, along with a link to the video.

STEP 2: In a detailed essay, respond to the following:

Give a summary of the TED talk, emphasizing the speaker’s main points. What did they teach about lifespan development?

What did you find most interesting about the talk, and what will you most likely remember from the talk?

What type of data or evidence did the presenter show to back up his or her information?

Read the biographical information and do some basic background research on the presenter. What area of psychology do they work in? More specifically, which psychological perspective would you say best fits the type of work they do? Why?

What other questions would you have for this presenter if you could have a conversation with her or him? What else would you like to know about the topic?

Appropriately cite any of the references used to fully answer the questions. Use proper APA writing style. In addition, correct spelling, grammar, and style are expected in all scholarship and academic writing.

One of the references MUST always be from the textbook & Ensure that you include the page number. I will upload the textbook.

This below is just to make sure the paper is done correctly with the proper citations and references.

Assignments Questions and PENALTY

-No in-text citations or references: -30 % grade reduction -One of the references must always be my textbook & Ensure that you include the page number.
One of the references must always be my textbook
-Citation but not APA: -15% grade reduction
-Exceeding word count: -15% grade reduction
-Content of the posts will be evaluated for proper grammar and substance, take your time.

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