Practicum Portfolio

1) Description of the organization:

Describe agency/organization where the practicum will take place, along with their mission statement and goals. Things to include will be programs, personnel, population it serves, funding sources, etc. (Preferably prior to placement).

2) Written analysis and assessment:

This is a 3-5-page section that is an analysis and assessment of the practicum. It is not a description of what the student did. The questions should serve as a probe, and students are expected to select those that are most relevant to their experience.

Preparation for Experience
– What skills/strengths did students enter with?

– Which of these did they build on?
– How did course work prepare them for their experience?

– How could the student have been better prepared?

This class is Master’s in public health Practicum (actual hands-on experience) class. Please write in a professional way.

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