Practices in Different Agencies

Field Education Journal
Areas of Specialization
Respond to the following in your journal for Week 9. Journal entries must total 350 to 700 words.

  1. From the readings, discuss the different types of agencies and their types of practices. Explain methods agencies use to develop their organizational structure.
  2. Reflect on your personal experience during the ninth week at your agency.
    • What positive and negative experiences did you have?
    • Give a brief explanation of your own agency’s organizational structure.

Brief story on what I did this week.
I shadowed a social worker and went to some schools to see clients, and clients came to the office. Watching the Social worker and the client interact with each other, seeing the clients trust the social worker. Meet with the client and the doctor to see the assessment of their medication and what’s been working for them. After the visit, enter information into the system. The staff were professional and enjoyed their job and training interns. The only negative experience was a client quit the program due family issue which the program is what the client really needs.

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