Practice Problem

Question 1

Evidence based practice is essential to effective social work practice. For this assignment, you are required to discuss engaging clients when they don’t talk much. After identifying your practice problem (clients: when they don’t talk much), conduct an extensive literature search as it relates to your practice problem that provides you with a complete understanding of the practice problem. Please use scholarly journal and articles in references.

Based on your findings in the literature, what did you discover that will help you address your practice problem? How might your research guide your work in your field agency? After reviewing the literature/research and comparing it to the practice problem, you are expected to do the following:


  1. Briefly discusses the literature
  2. Briefly identifies the practice problem
  3. Briefly explains how the literature will be used to address the practice problem while engaging in the agency.

Question 2

Given that social workers do not have a medical background, provide an example of how a social worker could assist someone as they age with a health challenge that they may face. Discuss a potential challenge to a social work value when working with aging adults and their families. Explain your response, apply information from the readings

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