Practice Evaluation Research


This assignment will help students connect the relevance of practice evaluation research to the field placement. Based on the assigned field placement agency, students will create a single-systems design case study.

Students must choose a topic that is relevant to a client system in the field placement, in terms of clients served, issue(s) addressed, intervention(s), etc. The practice evaluation paper must be based on each students’ assigned client system level (see your assigned client system level in the “Client System Levels” tab in Blackboard). Note: you will NOT carry-out this research with a real client system at your agency!

This paper will be submitted in four parts, which will allow students to make revisions to previously submitted sections throughout the semester, based on Instructor feedback:

Part A: Cover page, & Sections 1 “Introduction” & 2 “Scope of Problem”

The paper must be double-spaced, and typed in 12-point font. Citations in the text of the paper must be formatted in 7th

Content of paper

edition APA format. Use your 7th edition APA manual, and the formatting resources in the “APA Formatting Tips” tab in Blackboard to guide the formatting of your citations.

Your paper must include 5 original research study articles (exploratory, quasi- experimental, explanatory), published in peer-review journals. All of these studies must be QUANTITATIVE in methodology. These 5 sources must be cited in the text of your paper, and in the References section. No direct quotes are allowed. This means you must describe the information from other sources in YOUR OWN WORDS (paraphrase). Cite your source of information correctly! Remember: ALL sources cited in the text of your paper, must be cited in the References page… NO EXCEPTIONS! Failure to cite sources is considered PLAGIARISM, and will result in a “0” for this assignment.

You must also cite your textbook for this course in the text of your paper and in the References section. You might also need to cite other credible sources of information (agency reports, .gov websites, .org websites, or .edu websites) in your paper.

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