Power Structure

Question 1

Watch movies: “Milk”

(each individual will be assigned a movie to watch). Write a 2-3 page opinion paper with the following issues addressed:

Pick one of the lead characters and explain the power structure within the movie and their role within it, and whether or not the structure changes during the film. Does the perceived gender of the characters affect the power structure and if so, how?

What are your first impressions of the lead character chosen? How does knowing their sexuality affect your opinion of the person?

What are your opinions of main character’s family (or closest friends)? How have their views on what the person has done affected them? How have their choices affected their families (friends)?

What are your opinions of transsexuality? Do you agree or disagree with the ethics of it? Why? Or what about homosexuality? Or what about cross-dressing?

(Conclusion of paper will address the following question, in detail.) How would you feel if you were a person facing the challenges faced by the main character? 100 pts.

Question 2

Evaluate in a paper of no less than three pages the place of american women in the workplace today. Have the gender equity laws worked to ensure that there is inclusivity in the workplace or have we let down the american woman worker. Trace the development of the struggles of women as employees and advice on the best foot forward as your recommendations. NO PLAGIARISM and use MLA referencing throughout your task.

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