Power and Politics in Organizations

  1. (use the 1st case) You are John Taylor at Federal Radar. Paul Shaifer has contacted you and arranged a meeting to discuss changes in SPAWN’s program management (see final paragraph of the case). He also sent you a copy of Emery’s memorandum.

How would you prepare for the meeting, and what changes would you propose?

2. You have been working as a member of a project team in your department. At the same time, you have been quietly exploring a position with greater potential in another department of your firm. Today, you discovered that your department head has intentionally misrepresented the team’s progress to top management to cover up delays in the project.

What are your major concerns? And what will you do about them?

3. As the head of the R&D department, you are engaged in a struggle with the marketing department over the allocation of the firm’s budget. The issue is whether additional funds from strong product sales should be used for new product development or for additional advertising.

What are three things you would do to advance your case for new product development?

4. (Use the second case) You have been the founder/owner of a small software development firm in Dallas that you just sold to Symantec (at about the time of the case used in class) and which will now be a Dallas-based subsidiary. You have decided to accept the Symantec CEO’s offer to stay on as the head of the subsidiary.

What are the three most important things you plan to do as you begin your new position?

5. You are the sales vice president of a firm which has traditionally been marketing-dominated, and you have been a member of the dominant coalition. However, following several quarters of declining performance, your board has fired the CEO and hired a new CEO with a production background from another firm.

Describe three strategies you would use to try to retain as much influence as possible under the new regime.

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