Power and Influence

Conduct secondary research into the ethical conduct of Harry Stonecipher from the Boeing company in order to answer the following questions.

Case study questions:

  1. Personal ethical perspectives                                      (Total = 15 marks)
  •  Briefly describe Harry’s character and the way it influenced his decision making.                                                                          (3 marks)
  •  Discuss three aspects of Harry’s spirituality that may have influenced his decision making. (6 marks)
  •  Briefly discuss any three (3) of the following aspects of transformation in action that are evident in this case (6 marks)

o Envisioning the productive community

o Looking within

o Embracing the hypocritical self

o Transcending fear

o Embodying a vision of the common good

o Disturbing the system

o Surrendering to the emergent process

o Enticing through moral power


  1. Ethical decision making and action (Total = 10 marks)
  •  Discuss how effectively (if at all), Harry applied the eight steps to sound ethical decision making at Boeing (5 marks)
  •  Discuss the importance of moral sensitivity, moral judgment, moral motivation and moral character in decision making. Were these evident in Harry’s case? Why / why not? (5 marks)
  1. Ethical interpersonal communication          (10 marks)

Select two of the following aspects of interpersonal communication and discuss examples of these as they arose at Boeing:

  •  Mindfulness
  •  Effective listening
  •  Confirmation
  •  Emotional intelligence
  •  Trust building
  •  Conflict management
  1. Exercising ethical influence                  (5 marks)
  •  Discuss the way Harry exercised power and influence over his staff.

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