Potential Risks

Question 1

What implications does utilitarianism have for our treatment of non-human animals? How do utilitarians argue for their conclusions about non-human animals? Do you find the utilitarians’ conclusions about animals plausible? If so, why? If not, how would you respond to their arguments? Can use some references

Question 2

View four short videos regarding John Medina’s Brain Rules, Attention (4:50), Sleep (5:39), Dr. Pascualy (2:30), and Stress ( 3:10) . What are the implications for work-life balance?

Question 3

Courses of action and the final decision: (approx. 800 words)

1.Identify at least two viable courses of action, noting which participants the action would involve and those with whom you would consult.

2.Note the potential benefits/advantages of your viable courses of action

3.Note the potential risks/disadvantages of your viable courses of action.

4. Reflect upon any (potential) conflicts between a social worker’s personal values, professional values and/or an organisation’s requirements or responsibilities.

5.Note the course of action that you would take or recommend, and justify your chosen course of action with reference to the decision-making process (human rights, legal and ethical considerations) you described in part 2 of this assessment task.

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