Potential Liability

Question 1

Case Study 1

Aker has been Potter’s sales agent for 20 years and has dealt with about 200 customers during that time. Potter fires Aker, terminating the agency. None of the 200 customers have heard about the termination.

  • What steps must Potter take to protect himself from potential liability from customers and Aker?

Case Study 2

Pete Principal instructs Al Agent, his employee, to repossess some property owned by Ted Turner. Al knows that the repossession is illegal but performs it anyway.

Discuss all aspects of the potential liability in this case. Consider the following when writing this essay:

  • Agency Law and the right of third parties
  • The relationship between the principal and the agent and the authority conferred upon the agent by the principal

Please answer in two separate essays.

No more than a page and half each

Question 2

1. Create a set of plots for your MESA simulations of 10 and 20 solar mass stars.

Set up and collect the results of simulations of the structure and evolution of a 1,2,5,10 and 20 solar mass star in MESA

2. Label the following branches on the M15 HR diagram: the Main Sequence, the Sub-Giant Branch, the Red Giant Branch, the Horizontal Branch, and the Asymptotic Giant Branch.

3. Discuss the likely structure of the stars in regions A, B, C and D of the M15 HR diagram (what are their radii? Where is nuclear burning occurring, what is burning and what is the structure of the core?)

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