Potential Investors

Question 1

Use a set of published annual reports in addition to the online published information on a listed non-financial company in FTSE100 index during the most recent five years e.g. 2012-2016. Find the value of the company and its shares using appropriate valuation technique(s).
Your report should clearly include the following:
1. The rationale for the choice of the valuation technique(s).
2. The sources of information and any assumptions you made.
3. The company’s cost of equity-comment on the differences in the estimates you obtained if you used alternative models.
4. The company’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC). Show all calculations with respect to the cost of each source.
5. A comparison between your calculated value with the current market price per share and the company market value.
6. Advise on the appropriate investment decision by the company’s shareholders and potential investors.
You should choose different companies to the ones you analysed in the group assignments
Question 2

(1000 words)

“The trend of Big Data is being propelled by enormous growth in computing power”.

  1. What does the term “Big Data” mean, how can analytic techniques be used to make sense of “Big Data”, and how can businesses/accountants exploit and interpret the results of these analytic techniques?

  2. In what ways is Big Data” affecting the roles of accountants and auditors?

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