Poster Project

Objective: 1.

Identify a nursing topic or patient care problem with your assigned partner. The selected topic should not be one that was covered in depth covered in nursing courses or it must expand on content not covered in class.  Examine the topic by formulating a clinical question using the PICOT process.  Use a poster format to present the topic to a selected audience.

Topic is clearly presented using an evidence-based practice perspective. PICOT format is used to identify a clinical question related to the topic.

Question: PICOT format

Question: In elderly community members, how does pharmacologic pain relief compared to adjunctive non pharm measures influence relief of pain without adverse side effects over 6 months

Includes Works Cited page – minimum of 2 current nursing resources. (APA format) Passed in to the instructor prior to the presentations. All sources must be documented including images. Images are not works cited but must be referenced. Submitted as a word document

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