Positive Organizational Change

  1. To prepare for the Assessment, you will complete an organizational change chart, like you did in Week 1, only this time for a well-known multi-national corporation.

Choose an organization such as Samsung, Starbucks, Ford Motor Company, or Waste Management that implemented a major change. For example, a sustainability initiative at Starbucks or Apple making FaceTime available to non-Apple users. You must identify a past change.

Analyze the organization’s change process based on Kotter’s 8 Steps to Leading Change using the Organizational Change Chart. Make sure to complete a new analysis, do not copy any information from a previous week.

Consider questions such as the following as you complete your analysis:
o Do you think this was a positive organizational change? Why or why not?
o What strategies and tactics do you think would be effective in creating positive organizational change?
o What strategies and tactics might have worked better?

Brent Smith—Faculty note: Use the Organizational Change Chart. If you have trouble downloading it, let me know) to analyze your chosen company. It must be a well-known company as the instructions indicate and not the same one you used in week 1. Be sure to indicate clearly the name of the company you are working with and what specific change you are analyzing. If you do not have a specific change in mind, you cannot complete this assignment successfully. You can complete the entire assignment using the Organizational Change Chart. No need for any other document.

One of the most important boxes is the Goal box. What is the goal of the organizational change? This is not the overall goal of the company—only the goal of the change you are analyzing.

Answer the questions as given in the instructions.

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