Population Problem

Question 1

How does the data presented in the table suggest that the problem of over-population involves more than a simple increase in the number of people? What else, besides the size of the population should be considered when discussing resource use? How can the factors and changes noted be expected to affect malnutrition and hunger?

Table 3. Energy Use and Populations
2016 Projections for 2040
Energy Use

(BTUs x1015)



Energy Use

(BTUs x1015)



US 98.7 323 105.7 380
China 134.1 1,373 190.1 1,364
India 29.1 1,266 62.3 1,571
Japan 20.9 126 21.5 114
Africa 23.8 1,218 44 2,063

please answer the question in 3 paragraphs.


Question 2

Use peer review journals. APA format

What is sampling frame?

What are the differences between sampling frame and population?

Use business examples to support your statements.

Question 3

Japan’s Population Problem. APA format with references

Discuss the question 300 words needed

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