Popularity and Fan Culture of NCAA Football

Purpose: In this project you will make a complex argument about an issue you care about in Alabama, supporting your argument through academic research, analysis, and synthesis of ideas (yours and others).
My Issue: How does the significance, popularity, and fan culture of NCAA football vary between the major colleges in Alabama compared to major football teams in other states. My focus needs to be on NCAA football in Alabama.
As a member of an academic discourse community, you will often be asked to write research papers. Such essays require synthesis of your own thinking with perspectives from multiple credible sources. In this project, you will offer a clearly-stated, thoughtful thesis that is supported by research and which highlights the insights you develop from your familiarity with the subject. Additionally, you will offer background on what is at issue in the topic, put the topic and issues in context, and then support your own position while fairly and thoroughly taking other positions into account.
Scope: For this project, you are required to have a Works Cited list of at least ten sources: this number will give you the minimal depth of knowledge you require, and more sources are encouraged. Of the ten, five of these sources must be scholarly, as we have discussed in class. Note that you will need to find, vet, and incorporate source/s well beyond those required for Project 2. Project 2 was Order Number 1225336 done recently (Please keep the focus on the state of Alabama not so much Northern vs. Southern)
Remember to find and use your sources ethically: find credible scholarly and popular sources, keep careful records of the information you find, and account for all information you provide in your paper–quoted, paraphrased or summarized–with both in-text citations and Works Cited entries.
Audience: Your audience is our class: an academic discourse community from a variety of fields and disciplines. Thus, you know that your audience is an interested group who expects to encounter a thoughtful, informed, and persuasive essay.
Form / Genre: The academic research genre builds on the formal essay we have introduced in English 101 and in English 102:
● Begin with an introduction (1-2 paragraphs) providing context and background, ending with your own thesis statement
● In the main body of your work,
○ address claims advancing your thesis
○ support your claims with evidence synthesized from multiple sources
○ analyze evidence that supports your claims
○ provide and refute counter arguments as needed
● In the conclusion, discuss the impact and consequences of your argument, setting the stage for future discussions.
Mechanics: 2500-3000 words, conforming to MLA 9 formatting and citation style.

Three Pieces Needed:

  1. Thesis Statement
  2. Outline for Paper
  3. Paper

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