Political system



1) What type of political system does France have? Explain this system,

focusing on the roles of the main executives. How is Macron’s governing
style  considered  to  be?, How  is  this  type  of     political
system  different  than  the  one  in Germany or the  UK  (Compare  France  to  either
Germany or to the  UK,  not to both.  Choose  ONLY  ONE  country to compare  France to). Make sure to elaborate on the titles of the main executive actors, their roles in governing, and their governing styles in the country you choose to compare  France to.

2) Compare the constitutions of  Germany and the  UK,  with respect to whether they comprise of one single codified constitution or not  –  especially elaborating on
the  unique  case of  the  UK. Then  briefly explain what the  Constitutional  Court in  Germany does,  and why it  is important for the European Union politics (think of the recent examples given/videos/live session/reading). Also,  does the  European  Union have
its own court? If so, what does that court do? Explain.

ALSO please write 1-2 paragraph by answering below questions. 

What do we think of Europe “as”? There  are  different  ways  of  thinking  of  Europe  as  a  concept. (for  example,  as  a  type  of model  or  power,  etc.).  Please  list  and  briefly  explain at  least  three  of  them. What are some current challenges of Europe (mention at least 2).

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