Political Parties Paper

Choose one of the following topics and write about them. Do not make too long, nor too short; a single paragraph will be defined as too short. Share the background of the subject/article; provide the title of the source and the name of the source; provide a few opinions, share your view.

*Pay attention to grammar

1. Britain’s Exit from the EU (Brexit)

Who was the main politician(s) in support of this, against this in the UK? What were the major political parties in this debate? Economic costs and benefits of leaving EU?

2. Tampa Economy

Example variables/topics: population, tax rates, growth, expansion, real estate, etc.

3. Which countries produce what?

  • Pick a few different countries (3-5) and find their most popular export, or what they are most known for producing.

4. Venezuelan Economy

What exactly is going wrong there? Who is the current administration? What are some of the policies? More market-oriented, or less?

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