Political Islam and Gender

References to use:

Core Reading:

  • Margot Badran, 2013. Political Islam and Gender, The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics, Oxford University Press.
  • Rabab El‐Mahdi, (2010). Does Political Islam Impede Gender‐Based Mobilization? The Case of Egypt. Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions. 11. 379-396.
  • Beverley Milton-Edwards, 2018. Islam and Politics in the Contemporary Middle East 4th ed. chapter 7 pp. 215-240.
    https://archive.org/details/islampoliticsinc0000milt (Must make an account
  • Donohue J. and Esposito J. (ed.) 2006. Islam in Transition: Muslim Perspectives, 2nd ed. pp. 151-202.

Instructions for the presentation :

For each selected topic, thee student will do the readings and then prepare and present the topic to the class (based on the readings). This does not mean simply summarizing the main ideas and concepts of the reading.

Rather, the presentation should focus on:
• Historical background
• identifying the salient theoretical contribution of the reading and its broader implications;
• identifying the reading/readings’ major strengths, weakness as a contribution to the topic of political Islam;
• situating the contribution of reading/readings’ in the larger comparative perspective on the debate at hand.
• Details of the reading

It is expected that the presenter acts as Discussion Leader:
1/ Leads class discussion on the selected readings assigned for that week.
2/ a handout of his/her critical summary and key arguments/points/criticisms/ etc.
3/ The discussion leader may select a set of critical passages from the reading to share with the class and should have guiding questions to ensure continuous discussion during the full session

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