Political Art/Music

Your assignment: Find a political song or piece of political art. The item you choose may be modern or historical, of any genre. The only criteria is that it is in some way “political.” If you select a visual piece, it has to be attributable to an artist (not just a meme), and include an image if possible. If you select a song, link or embed it if possible. Do not select something that another classmate has already chosen. There are plenty of examples out there.

What is meant by a political piece of art or a political song? Art and music are about more than pretty things to look at and listen to. Art and music are often a commentary on the issues of the time in which it is created. They challenge the status quo and make controversial statements about power and the human condition.

Feel free to include an attachment or link to what you have chosen.

Write 150-300 words on your chosen song or art piece:
What does it say? What does it mean? What are the ideas being expressed? (Look it up and read how others interpret this work; do you agree? Or do you hear/see/read some other message?)
What do you think? Anything to add?
Finally, reply to a classmate’s choice and make a comment that ADDS VALUE or ask a relevant question. This is a fun way to exchange ideas and expand what we think of as “political.”
*NOTE: Using quotes (from songs, for example) is fine, but it should not be the bulk of your post.

** If you aren’t sure about a political song or piece of art, try some clever Internet searching. Try and be creative and not go with the most obvious things that pop up (recall the opinion expressed by Tom Morello in the video above, that “all music (and art) is political”. Either it speaks to power, and seeks change or expresses a voice, OR it is designed to maintain the status quo and provide escape from the responsibilities of citizenship and critical thinking. For this assignment, try and focus on pieces that are in some way political in that they are challenging power in some manner. Have fun with it.

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