Policy Amending

Case study

A woman recently landed a job with the NYC Administration for children services as a child protective specialist. She went through intensive training at an academy to prepare her for situations and solutions at the agency. The academy was a few months long, altogether she stood with the agency for about 4 months. The agency gets on-going cases at all hours throughout the week, and she was considered a frontline worker. She worked sometimes very late in the evening and would come to work early mornings around 9AM. The woman was married for 10 years and had 3 three children, which were not her husband kids. Her husband worked at Amazon as a driver. Eventually, the late nights took a toll on her family and her husband gave her an Ultimatum. He was either going to leave or she will have to leave her job. The woman contemplated for weeks what she wanted to do, until she finally resigned.

The woman mentioned the reason why she resigned was because she could not spend the time she needed with her family. She could not tend to her children’s needs because of the hours. She was ultimately stressed because she did not understand ACS process. The woman mentioned she could not gain knowledge of the information and when to put it to use. She explained this was a complicated career and was not comfortable traveling to all five boroughs. The women also felt uncomfortable removing children.

Policies that need amending

Hiring policy: The agency requires your bachelors. The agency should step down in requirements and ask for an associate degree.

Therapy after each removal of children- provide mental health after each removal of children. Sometimes it can make an impact on the workers.

Tele-work- If the Agency gave the option of tele-work maybe the worker could have spend more time with her family instead of just leaving the job.

Case Load too high: Case loads are overwhelmingly high. The worker did not know how to manage a caseload with 9 clients. The worker would eventually receive a caseload of 20-30 cases.

The paper has to be about the case study up above and what could the agency have done to keep the worker. The policies that need to be changed and why they need amending.

The agency currently has a storage of employees because of high caseloads and working late.

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