Plato Paper

choose one below to write about:

1. In Book 4 of the Republic, it is argued that the soul must be divided into distinct parts. How does Socrates argue for the division of the soul? (Be sure to explain as clearly as possible the different parts of the soul and their relations to each other!) How does Socrates use the division of the soul, in tandem with his conception of the city, in order to define justice in the individual?
2. At 474b3-484a1, Socrates seeks to explain the nature of philosophers. Explain why Socrates seeks to give this explanation and present Socrates’s argument regarding the nature of philosophers as clearly as possible.
3. According to Socrates, the prisoners in the cave are “like us” (515a3). Explain the contrast drawn through the allegory of the cave between us and true philosophers and explain why Socrates thinks that it shows that only true philosophers are fit to rule.

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