Planning And Evaluation

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  1. Select and answer one of the following questions by Friday at 11:59 pm:
    1. Chapter 7 introduced the concepts of full- and partial-coverage programs. Which evaluation designs are more appropriate for full-coverage programs and which are more appropriate for partial-coverage programs? Justify your response.
    2. Suppose the county board of supervisors has asked you, as an evaluation consultant, to evaluate the immunization program for older persons and the community-based adolescent violence prevention program, both of which are offered throughout Bowe County. You have been asked to suggest at least three design options for how to evaluate each program, based on complexity and cost. Which three designs would you propose and why?
    3. Which evaluation designs are susceptible to biases due to history and maturation? Explain.
    4. Under what conditions would it be accurate to state that a pro­gram caused the improvements in a specific health outcome?

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