Plan, Manage, and Conduct an Audit

For this project you develop a plan for the management and completion of an audit on an imaginary company. This scenario-based project will allow you to practice the concepts and techniques learned throughout the course. Starting in week 4 you will determine the type of company you want to work with from the following industries:
• Banking
• IT
• Health Care
• Education
You will stick with this industry throughout working on this project.
This project is broken up into multiple parts as follows:
• Part A:
o Plan Audit for final Project Skelton framework Critical Path items only
 Plan for performing an Audit in Microsoft Project
• Should include dates
• Operating Systems and sections
• Details on all task and items
• Personnel organizer for separation of duties during the audit
• Disaster recovery
o Create a Record Management Technique
 Use Microsoft Power Point 10 slides or less
 Describe you Record Management Plan
 Include who is managing the plan
 Disaster recover for the Records
 Disposal of the records over time
 Risk Management options for Records Management
 Review and Audit of records on what time frames and why
 Submit this as a presentation under 4 min. via ulearn explain your technique and why it will be successful. (with voice or subtitles)

• Part B:
o Based on the Industry you choose back in week 4 and the IOS you selected in week 5 make an outline that details the major IT SECURITY TECHNIQUE REQ ISO 27001, Best Privacy Controls, and Red Flags in that industry and that OS system.
 This should be submitted in Microsoft Power Point. (With voice or subtitles)

• Part C:

 The power point should focus on ISO 27001 and Privacy Controls requirements and how they can best implemented also remember separation of duties while implementing these controls.

o Based on the industry you selected in week 4 create a Disaster and Recovery Plan
 Plan for these three disasters:
• Natural Disaster (Fire, Flood, Lighting, Storm, etc)
• Data Leak
• Large Scale Data Corruption
 Each disaster should be no longer than two pages in Outline format
o The outline should be in a step by step format using a Gantt chart via MS Project. (don’t forget critical path items):
 What has happened
 Who to contact
 And the steps to stop (if possible) the disasters, contain (if possible), and recover. Along with average time lines that can be found with research.
• Part D:
o Based on the Operating System you selected in Week 5 prepare a Flow chart for a patching and upgrading said Operating System.
 Include the following items and any other items that maybe need for your Operating System.
• Original release data of patch
• How you will test the patch
o What happens if the patch works with your Operating System?
o What happens if the patch does not work with your Operating System?
• Distribution of patches and upgrades based on your company you describe in week 4 and the Operating system you selected in Week 5.
o A help desk system for patches or upgrades that don’t work.

• Part E:
o You will be using your PC to conduct an Audit on.
o Follow these directions:
 Select a Topic (everyone software Audit)
 Identify size of the Audit
 Identify Tools of the Audit
 Collect the Data
 Summarize the results
 Analyze and Apply results
o Software Audit to include software licenses
 Conduct a Software inventory
 Meter Application Usage
 Gather Licensing Data

 Adjust License Counts
 Establish and Communicate Software Policies
• Determine who is reasonable for acquiring software and setting price points and tracking (departments, IT, logistics, or a combination of all the above)
• Approved software vendors
• Centralized location for assigning ownership and maintaining all relevant purchasing data.
• A process that approves software through IT and it subsequent department.
• 200-word Software Usage Policy (example: JWU IT Computer and Technology Use Policy)
 Manage Ongoing License Compliance
• Who does this?
• How do licenses get tracked?
• Is this centralized of decentralized and why?
• Final Deliverable:
o Now bundle items A-E into a comprehensible package (one single document i.e. a zip file or merge all documents and submit it to ulearn)

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