PICK Chart

The PICK Chart, originally developed by Lockheed Martin, is a visual tool for depicting and organizing ideas about possible options on a process improvement project. A PICK chart has 4 quadrants: Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill (hence, “PICK”). PICK charts are often used after brainstorming sessions to help a process improvement team identify which ideas can be implemented easily and have a high payoff and which ones cannot. 

Develop a PICK chart using the Capstone I project topic.  Think of all the interventions for the project utilizing the PICK quadrants.  A minimum of two ideas is needed in each quadrant (see the rubric).  Provide the AIM statement at the bottom of PICK chart for reference. Also, on a separate page provide the references. 

A PICK chart uses a large grid, two squares high and two squares across. The horizontal axis of the chart is the scale of payoff (or benefits); the vertical axis is ease of implementation.

The quadrants on the PICK Chart are:

• Possible – Possible ideas: easy to implement but have a low payoff.

• Implement – Implement ideas: easy to implement and a high payoff.

• Challenge – Challenge ideas: hard to implement, but likely to have a high payoff.

• Kill – “Kill” ideas: hard to implement and have low payoff.

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