PI Tools and Data Collection Methods

Case Study #3: Performance Improvement Tools and Data Collection Methods: Competency. VI.4
Week #12,
A. Select the most appropriate performance improvement (PI) tool or technique for each scenario below.

1. A HIM performance improvement committee wants to determine the priorities in addressing the project at hand.
2. Administration has requested a chart showing the processes changes that have been achieved from January to June.
3. A revenue cycle PI team wants to illustrate the percent of denials that are a result of a registration error.
4. A PI team wants to display data that will show if there are uncommon variations in the process.

B. You have just been hired as a coding supervisor at a local hospital. The coding department has many issues, including a two-week backlog of coding, a DNFB of over $7.5 million, and over 50 unanswered physician queries. Describe how you can use the three different data collection tools (interview, survey tools, and direct observation) to capture data that can help you improve the coding process.

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