Physical Illnesses

Question 1

Describe the developmental tasks of one age group, chosen from childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, or middle adulthood.

Describe three (3) possible alterations in mental health found in that stage of life.

Give 3 nursing interventions for the disorder you gave. Include:

1. 1-CAM therapy

2. 1-Therapeutic communication

3. 1-Nursing Intervention

What positive outcomes can be anticipated from these interventions?

Answer each question in a paragraph of 4-6 sentences. Include one APA citation per question to support your answers.

Question 2

DQ 1

How would you explain a diagnosis to a client? Are there circumstances in which a diagnosis would not be appropriate to share with a client?

DQ 2

There are many pros and cons in relation to mental health diagnosis. List some in supporting an argument for or against formal diagnostic protocols. Briefly explain the cross-cutting symptom measures in the DSM. Include at least two scholarly references.

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