Physical Fitness

  1. Please use Times New Roman font, size 12, and space your manuscript 1.5 lines. Each essay has a short and attractive title that briefly summarizes the main idea that you are argue for.
  2. You are aiming to write for an educated audience but that is not specialist on the topic of your essay. This means that you will have to define complex concepts, so that the reader clearly understands your arguments. Next, please avoid a difficult (“academic”) language and style, but strive for clarity. The essay should resample more a column than an academic article. Avoid inserting references in the text, but use footnotes to reference specific authors when it is necessary.
  3. Be very clear on the message of your essay (we will call this “central thesis”) and state it in the beginning of your essay, even in the first paragraph if possible. Here is an example: “[] the ‘body positivity movement’. In essence, this movement wants everyone to love their body and not let physical appearance get you down [2]. But it seems to have turned into a movement that’s dismissive of science and convinced that people being overweight is just as healthy as being thin. At least, that is what critics fear (me being one of those critics). Admittedly, as a thin and fairly healthy person, I was a bit biased beforehand. But this bias also made me want to look at the movement’s message and how it affects those within the community; to see if it does more harm than good, or if it is genuinely as positive as the name suggests.”2 Note how the author has defined clearly the topic of the essay (i.e., body positive movement), has emphasized that you can look at it from different perspectives and stated that what the essay is about is examining the different claims around this movement.
  4. Use information from the lectures, the fundamental and the additional articles. You have to demonstrate that you know and understand the concepts and theories presented in the course, that you can make links between them.
  5. We encourage you to use real life examples to illustrate your arguments. By doing so you will demonstrate that you understand the theoretical content of the course, and that you can apply it to various contexts / situations.

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