Philosophy Questions

3. Descartes, Rationalism, and Philosophy

Q: In Meditation II, Descartes states, “I am; I exist – this is certain.” Explain why Descartes claims that his knowledge about this cannot be doubted. Can you think of a refutation, or does it make good sense?  Why does he have to prove we have immaterial minds? Keep in mind he also concludes that anything he “clearly and distinctly perceives” is something he cannot doubt (See last paragraphs of Meditation VI).


4.Metaphysics and Epistemology

Q: What exactly is Empiricism? Please provide specific examples to support your answer. What is a problem with it?


5.Philosophy of God

Q: With reference to Pike’s article, how could it be said that Divine Omniscience challenges the idea that humans have free will? How could one reply to such challenges?


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