Philosophy of Nursing

Describe your philosophy of nursing, within the context of nursing grand theories.  I believe that everyone needs to “own” their own philosophy of nursing and an examination of the grand nursing theories can help us to clarify what our philosophy is.  Do you find your philosophy of nursing to be more based in human needs, interactive, or unitary process?   

Some questions to ask yourself when developing your philosophy of nursing:

(Answer the following questions)

  1. Why is what I do, as a nurse, important to me?  How do these values align with the broad categories of grand theories?
  2. What are my beliefs surrounding the interaction/roles between patients and nurses?  Consider how different theories might align with your beliefs.
  3. What do I desire my impact as nurse to be?
  4. How do I define the metapardigm of nursing (nurse, person, environment, and health)?  How does this align with nursing theories?

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