Philosophy Development

• Develop a personal philosophy and framework acknowledging professional and accrediting agency competencies relating to the role and scope of practice of the family nurse practitioner. Identify a nurse theorist that you align your current/ planned practice and how they provide the foundation for this philosophy development.
• Describe the type of educational courses and professional requirements required for APRN professional certification and licensing within the state that you will practice.
• Identify the precise application process for your certification exam, your state regulations for application for prescriptive authority/practice, and issues related to APRN practice within your state.
• Evaluate and discuss APRN roles and prescriptive privileges and impact on client safety and care
• Compare the differences between prescriptive authority, credentialing, and clinical privileges and how each of these impact client safety and care
• Evaluate the development of the advanced practice nurse role from a global perspective.
Assignment Guidelines:
• 1000 – 1200 word paper (not including the cover page and references)
• Required APA 7th edition for references and citations
• Include a minimum of 6 scholarly references (does not include text or websites) and the majority of references must not be older than 5 years
• Demonstrate analysis, evaluation and synthesis of information (see the rubric for specifics)

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