Phenomenological Perspective


“Aging From A Phenomenological Perspective” Paper

This month you are to write a 1200 word research paper on concepts covered in this class. Your will engage in both academic and phenomenological research. You will interview 3 to 5 persons over the age of 69. You must interview at least one male and one female and you must interview persons from at least two ethnic groups. Each interview will include the following topics: (1)Physical health and well being, (2)Friends, Family, and Community, (3)Work and leisure, (4)Finances and lifestyles, and (5)Living environments. I suggest that you spend 45 minutes to 1 hour with each person you interview but you may spend as much time as you would like. Please show the highest level of respect for the person. Allow these individuals to tell their “stories”. You will gather information for your paper as each talks about his or her life journey and what life is like at this stage in life. You will integrate these interviews into your academic research and discuss how the issues and concepts covered in this class are related to each of these individuals. Provide a section of your paper on lessons learned from the interviews. This is where you will share the impact the interviews had on you emotionally and professionally.

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