Petroleum Projects

Question 1

Network: People who work in the sector are generally only too pleased to be invited to share their thoughts and experience with those wanting to follow in their footsteps, so make use of that opportunity. CVs, cover letters and application forms are fine, but they can’t compete with some real one-to-one networking.

Use available resources to help polish your CV:Don’t forget that there are hundreds of available books on pulling together a good CV and covering letter. Your library will have plenty, so there’s no need to spend your hard-earned cash on them. Get your hands on these books and steal with glee any tips and advice that they contain. If I was, however, to recommend just one book which also contains some great tips, it’s How to write an impressive CV and cover letter’ by Tracey Whitmore.

Question 2

Discuss the Role of Paris Agreement for the Future of International Petroleum Projects in ( theMiddle East)/( Latin America)/(Southeast Asia)

This assignment should be 15 pages, and these are the topics that I could choose from and write about it. The class is International petroleum transaction

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