“Should we use pesticides?  Why or why not?”.  You could use a specific pesticide as your example or generalize all pesticides impacts. 

  1. Are there benefits or hazards from using pesticides?  Such as? 

Weigh the pros and cons to pesticide use.

  1. What are the environmental impacts, both pro and con, and what are the health impact.
  2. Watch this video on about the impacts of vector-borne diseases, caused by insects and animals, have on the environment and our health – our past and current knowledge. PART 2
  3. PART 2
  4. Needs to write one paragraph (minimum 300 words) what three environmental issues you felt are of most concern regarding including the answers for the questions below:

Why do you feel these environmental issues cause us to be at risk? What are the consequences of these risks occurring? Why are you concerned?

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