Personality View

Question 1

Write a detailed 2-3 page essay on the following question:

According to the personality view, death occurs when? Describe a case on which the body view and the personality view would disagree about when a person dies. An apparent problem for the personality view occurs when a person sleeps. Why? There is a simple answer to this problem, but it generates two additional problems. What is the simple answer, what are the two additional problems, and what solutions does Kagan offer to these two problems?

Question 2

Write a 500 words (2 pages) about aging and death. What causes death (diseases, bad health etc) ? Explain the cultural and environmental factors in extending longevity and achieving a successful age/ life. Explain Alzheimer’s

Question 3

According to Kagan, under what circumstances, if any, would it be rational to commit suicide? In discussing this question, you should talk about the theories of the good life and the differing “container” theories one might have (neutral, valuable, fantastic). Even if one thinks suicide might theoretically be rational, can we ever trust our judgment about this question? Explain what the problem here is and explain what Kagan says about it Finally, some people think suicide is immoral because it is against God’s will or because it is ungrateful. What does Kagan say about these views?

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