Personality Tests and Insights

This paper requires several parts. Please label your sections with the headings noted. Your work should be double-spaced with no unnecessary padding between things (no extra spacing or large margins).

  1. Close up examination of Assessments – Go to the internet and find 2 reputable personality assessments (refer to your text for the names of instruments that are grounded in theory and are respected). Take these tests and summarize them. What questions did they ask, how were the questions formatted, what dimensions of personality were summarized by these tests. This section should be about the tests and NOT about what you learned about yourself (that goes later). Be sure to include the web-addresses where you found the tests you completed. Be sure to note what theories the tests align/fit. [2 page minimum]
    Please make sure you consider reliability, validity, how to search for use of instrument, etc. – I will address this in a message.
  2. My Results – Now, using your personal results from the personality assessments you completed online, summarize what you learned about yourself. Be sure to describe your dominant personality characteristics according to the tests and connect what you learned to your original autobiography. [1 page minimum]
    This paper should meet all writing standards noted on the syllabus. Be sure to integrate ALL sources you used into your write-up and cite and reference them appropriately, in accordance with APA style. In other words, include the website addresses of the personality assessments and make citations to our textbook. Your reference list should include all three too.
    Let me know what information you need for this.

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